How to send money with Lydia?

With Lydia you can send money to anyone.

To send money to someone simply tap the amount on the app, chose “a contact”, select the contact in your directory, tap on “Pay” and type your security code. The money is instantly sent to your contact’s account.

You don’t need their IBAN. You already have their phone number or email, and that’s enough. You can also directly tap their number or email directly in the app.


If they already use Lydia, they will automatically receive the money on their account and will be notified. If they doesn’t use the app, they will receive a message with a link to a web page on which they will be able to enter the details of the bank account on which they wants to transfer the money.

You can also request money with Lydia. Just tap the amount, select the person and chose “Request”.


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