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Lydia is designed and verified in France according to the highest standards of banking and IT security. Asymmetrical RSA keys, symmetrical 256-bit data encryption, SSL communications, personal data anonymisation...

All of that, because we can never be too careful when it comes to money and personal information.

You added cards are secure 💳

The card numbers you add in the app are not saved in the app, your phone or the company's servers.

They are tokenised by French leader in Internet card payments Payline and allow Lydia to make debit authorisations when you request one.

Using the app is safe 📱

You have to enter a personal security code or use biometric authentication (fingerprint or facial recognition) for every payment and sensitive action so that no one can use the app for you.

Several failed attempts will block the account. You will no longer be able to use the app. You will have to wait until Lydia Support intervenes and contacts the account holder.

Your payments are secure 🔐

All transactions are performed using a unique token that only Lydia's system can produce and decipher. The token:

  • Does not contain any banking or personal information
  • Is single-use
  • Can't be forged
  • Has no stand-alone value
  • Has a limited lifespan

Your information remains confidential 🤫

Your personal and banking data are always processed with the utmost care. They are always encrypted, or anonymised if possible. Access to this data is limited to highly trained staff who have been made aware of privacy issues.

When our tech team has to step in to solve complex issues, they only have access to obfuscated information where personal data have been changed.

The money belongs to you and is guaranteed 💪

When you receive money on Lydia, it is yours immediately. It shows up on one of your Lydia accounts. It is a numerical representation of real currencies stored in a holding account at BNP Paribas.

This account is held and guaranteed by the Société Financière du Porte Monnaie Électronique Interbancaire. Lydia can't access it and can't invest it.

There is no money in the phone 😎

Just like a regular plastic card, your phone is only a payment and collection tool: There is no money in it.

So if you lose your phone you don’t lose a single penny! Your Lydia balance remains available and you only have to log into a new device to use our services.

Our activity is regulated and controlled 🕵️‍♂️

Lydia's business is regulated by European banking rules enforced by the French Prudential Control and Resolution Authority. SFPMEI is in charge of supervising the traffic handled by our services on a daily basis.

Leading partners 🏆

Lydia works with top-notch, reliable financial experts to offer secure and long-term features. Learn more about our partners.

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