About the Lydia market

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The Lydia market lets you take advantage of various offers provided by our partners. Our partners’ services include home or phone insurances, online bank accounts, loan offers, Internet, phone or energy subscriptions and compensations for delayed or canceled flights.

Why should I go to the Lydia market? 🤔

When you want to switch banks or service providers, you always to do countless hours of research and several comparisons to be certain you’re making the right choice. But switching providers require so many efforts that, at the end of the day, nobody does it.

The Lydia market makes it all easy: heading to the 4th tab is the only thing you have to do to access a bunch of quality services, right from your mobile. They literally are a click away.

How it works📱

The Lydia market can be accessed from the 4th tab of the app (by clicking here from a mobile device). 

Every single service is represented by an icon and a text that clearly describes it.

How to access a service 🛒

Subscribing to the services offered in the Lydia market can easily be done by:

  • Clicking on the service you want
  • Choosing the appropriate partner (if several providers are displayed) 
  • Subscribe to the service on the partner’s website.

Welcome bonus 😇

In some cases, welcome bonuses can be granted by the chosen provider.

These bonuses’ amounts are always mentioned clearly before choosing the service provider.

About Lydia market offers 🕵️‍♂️

The Lydia market only promotes certain providers. Lydia gets paid for every sale of one of those partners’ services. In this situation...

  • Lydia can only inform you that these offers exist and communicate the selling arguments promoted by the providers themselves.
  • Lydia can neither give you advice on how to use those services nor answer your questions regarding those services. Only the providers themselves can.

There is however one small exception to this rule: Lydia has a duty to provide advice and information regarding the mobile insurance and Instant loan product displayed in the market.

What if I need help? 💁

If you ever want to cancel your subscription to a specific service or ask for help, you can reach out to the service provider directly.

Our partners’ contact information can be found at the bottom of each article dealing with their service.

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