Paused subscription

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A Premium account can be paused for these reasons :

  • The user hasn’t paid for their subscription, in this case the subscription would have been paused 3 days after the planned payment date
  • The user has unsubscribed from Lydia Premium, in this case the subscription has been put on hold until the start date of subscription

Following the temporary suspension of the subscription, the user has 3 weeks to re-subscribe without any changes (select “Subscriptions” in the 4th tab of the app), except the billing anniversary date of his subscription. All settings whilst he was a Premium User will be restored (cards, accounts and payment rules will be reactivated).

After this deadline, these parameters will be removed from the app permanently. The only exception to this rule: if the user has subscribed to this option, they can always reactivate their plastic card by re-subscribing.

This article outlines the impacts of a temporarily suspended subscription on each feature.

Limits for a paused subscription

The limits of the Lydia Free offer apply to users when their subscription is paused.

Plastic card disabled

If the user has subscribed to the Plastic Card option, the card will be disabled.

Virtual cards blocked

Only one virtual card can be active. All cards previously created are blocked. The user therefore chooses the one they want to reactivate.

Bank cards deactivated

Only 2 bank cards can be connected to Lydia. If users add more, only 2 remain active.

In case of business cards

It is not possible to have business cards connected to Lydia. If users add them, they will be disabled.

Limit on transfers with connected banks

The user can no longer carry out all their transfers with their connected banks, they are limited to 1 per month.

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