Paused subscription

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A Premium plan can be paused for two reasons :

  • If you haven’t paid for your subscription, it automatically pauses 3 days after the payment due date.
  • If you have unsubscribed from Premium, you'll be able to take advantage from Premium features until the end of your subscription cycle.

How long do I have to change my mind? 🤔

You have 3 weeks to unpause your Premium subscription.

  • If you do so during the 3 weeks period, all of your account settings, cards and payment rules will be fully restored.
  • If you still want to unsubscribe after 3 weeks, all of your settings will be deleted.

What happens when Premium gets paused ⚡

The limits of the Lydia Free offer automatically apply to users who choose to pause their Premium subscription.

Free limits will apply to physical cards

If you have one or several Lydia cards, their limits will be switched back to the payment/withdrawal limits included in the Free plan.

Internet cards blocked

Going back to the Free plan means that only one Internet card can be active. You'll have to select which one.

Bank cards deactivated

With the Free version, only 2 bank cards can be connected to Lydia.

No business cards are accepted

It is not possible to have business cards connected to Lydia without a Premium plan. They will automatically disabled when added.

Limits on transfers with connected banks

You won't be able to make unlimited transfers from your connected bank accounts.

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