Users can choose between multiple Lydia versions: Lydia+, Green+, or Black+, all available in monthly or annual payments.

In both cases, the Lydia versions will be automatically renewed unless users specify otherwise. Green+ and Black+ users cannot cancel before a year has passed.

Payment modalities

Lydia+, Green+ and Black+ payment renewals are made with the preferred means of payment users selected (this can be changed in the invoice view). Should the payment fail, a second attempt will be made using users' main Lydia accounts.

If this fails too, that account's balance may become negative. This allows users to continue to enjoy their Lydia benefits for the ongoing month.

However, if they haven't topped up their account by the time the following payment is due, their plans will be permanently cancelled.


If users use their Lydia accounts to pay for the renewal, the corresponding transaction will appear in the payments history that displays on the main tab of the app.

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