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To process millions of transactions every month, Lydia works with reliable partners who are experts in their field.

On rare occasions, our partners may encounter technical difficulties that affect payments made using Lydia payment methods.

What exactly is going on? 🤔

At checkout (paying contactless with your phone, with a Lydia card or an Internet card):

  • Payment is "declined" by the retailer: A message pops up on the card payment terminal or on the website;
  • So you re-try several times until the payment finally goes through;
  • And you realise that you have been charged several times (as many times as you attempted to pay).

Lydia is notified immediately about the incident and automatically refunds all affected users (see below).

Where can I check if I was charged several times? 🧐

You can check your Transaction History in the "Activity" tab.

After making a payment, if several debits show:

  • The same amount
  • The same date
  • The same time
  • The same recipient

... Then it might have happened to you.

However, if those debits appear on your bank statement and not on your Lydia account, it could be a payment made outside the app. To learn more, read this article.

How do I get a refund? 💳

Amounts charged multiple times are automatically refunded within a maximum of 10 business days.

The amounts will be directly re-credited on the payment method used (credit card, Lydia account).

👉 Beyond that period, we invite you to contact Lydia Support by clicking "Contact us".

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