Lydia is a mobile app that allows you to send money to someone only using their phone number. The recipient will receive the money immediately and will be able to spend it anywhere using Lydia payment methods.

Lydia also offers services that make your everyday life easier: Paying with your mobile in stores, organising money pots on your phone, opening shared accounts and withdrawing money overseas without foreign exchange fees.

Step 1: install the app 📲

Before creating your Lydia account, you must install the Lydia app on your phone first. 
Simply go to:

  • App Store for Apple phones (iPhone)
  • Play Store for Android phones

Look for "Lydia” in the search box and locate the Lydia app in the results. Tap "Download" or "Install."

Step 2: create a Lydia user account

To create an account you must start the Lydia app on your phone. Lydia's home page pops up:

  1. Click "I'm new"
  2. Enter your phone number, choose a password to protect your account and a security code to use the app on the 1st screen. You will have to enter this four-digit code every time you want to pay with Lydia
  3. Provide your email address, first name and name on the 2nd screen
  4. Confirm your account by clicking "Next"

To complete the registration and confirm your phone number you must send a text message to Lydia. The text is already written. Just tap "Send". You will have access to your new Lydia account immediately.

Why did I get an error message? 🚒

When creating your Lydia account you may receive one of the following error messages:

  • "Phone number already used"
  • "Email address already used"

You may indeed have already used this number or email address to create an account on another online service Lydia provides.

👉 To solve the issue, please get in touch with Lydia Customer Service by clicking on the "Contact us" button.

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