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Every time you try to pay with Lydia, our system performs automated checks. When a check fails, an error message is displayed.

Issue with the payment method  💳

This problem happens when the method used for paying cannot perform the transaction. Here are possible causes:

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Issue with an account 🏦

A payment can also be declined because of an error related to a bank or Lydia account. Here are possible causes:

  • the sender's account is blocked
  • the transaction makes your account reach a limit
  • accounts do not have the same currency.

To know more about usage limits in Lydia, click here.

Technical issue 🛠️

Sometimes, some issues may come from technical issues experiences by...

  • Lydia
  • a Lydia partner, vendor or provider
  • or your bank

If you are in the first two cases mentioned above, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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