Transaction could not take place

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Before confirming a payment, Lydia systematically checks that it can take place between the parties involved and using the selected payment method. If this verification fails, an error message will be displayed explaining the reason why.

Problem with the payment method

Most issues result from the payment method chosen to complete the transaction:

  • payment method blocked or not yet activated
  • payment method does not permit online transactions
  • payment method not accepted by Lydia
  • insufficient funds
  • limit reached

In the error message, Lydia endeavours to provide you with as many details as possible as to why the transaction was refused. However, with bank cards, often little information is provided. You must check their card settings or should contact the card provider to find out more.

Problem with the account

A payment may be refused if the parameters of the transaction do not allow it to take place:

  • the recipient's account is blocked
  • the transaction would cause the user to exceed a certain limit
  • the currencies do not match

Technical problem

A payment may be refused due to a technical issue with one of the agents that make the transaction happen:

  • Lydia (app or web services)
  • One of Lydia's partners (host, acquirer, electronic payment gateway, issuer or processor of card payments)
  • A partner related to the business that is trying to take the payment (payment terminal, till software, Internet provider)
  • User's bank

In the first two instances, you should notify the support team at Lydia in order to identify and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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