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Configuring Apple Pay contactless mobile payment only takes a few seconds. Users must check they are eligible to Apple Pay. Here are the steps to activate Apple Pay:

From an iPhone 📱

Scenario 1: with Lydia app

Users simply have to...

  • Get to the last tab of the app
  • Click on "Contactless payments" menu
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the app.

👉 Using Apple Pay contactless mobile payment is fully unlimited with Lydia Premium. To know more about all of its features, check out the article: "What is Lydia Premium?".

Scenario 2: from the Apple Pay app

Users can add a Lydia Internet Card to their Apple Pay app. To do so, users can... 

  • Open the Apple Pay app » from their iPhone
  • Click on the « + » (plus) icon ;
  • Follow the steps mentioned

It only takes a couple of seconds to create a Lydia Internet Card. To know more, read this article.

To learn more precisely how to add a card into the Apple Pay app, check out this page on Apple's website.

From the Apple Watch ⌚

Users can: 

  • Open the « Watch » app on their iPhone ;
  • Choose « Wallet and Apple Pay » ;
  • Click on « Add a credit or debit » ;
  • Enter your Lydia Internet Card numbers.

⚠️ Adding a card is specific to a device. If you're choosing to add a card to Apple Pay on your iPhone, it won't automatically be added to your Apple Watch, and vice-versa.

Facing a bug or issue?  💁

If users meet a bug, they are kindly asked to try again and check if their information is correct and up-to-date.

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