Lydia+, more than your standard current account

Users can enjoy a unique current account with thanks to Lydia+: more innovative, more convenient, more efficient.

Complementary financial services

Lydia+ gives users access to numerous financial services, all in a single app.

They can also invest in the best companies and the latest crypto, from €1 and in a couple of clicks. Not to mention that their funds remain instantly available and at any time.

What's more, users can apply for express loans to fund their projects: quick answer, no hidden fees. Or even open shared accounts in 2 minutes, for couples, flat-shares, or your holidays...

In a nutshell, users enjoy the best of both worlds: the essential services of large banks combined with Lydia's innovation and simplicity.

Ideal for effortless budget managing

Lydia+ also includes tools that combine the best of budget management apps so you can save money easily and daily.

That is to say clear and intuitive graphs, to check in a glimpse how fast expenses are being made or remaining balances, all without even opening the app. Customizable alerts also allow users to keep track of all payments and manage their budget with "Envelope" accounts.

All of which are compatible with duo accounts, which are perfect to optimize couple expenses.

Making purchases just became fun

At Lydia, we believe money management should be simple. And that it can also be fun. With the Lydia+ option, users now enjoy a unique loyalty program.

Each payment you make will reward them with a scratch card: if it's a winning one we will refund the purchase up to €100.

What's more, users can get a fraction of their money back while making purchases with certain retailers thanks to the cashback program.

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