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If you lose your card or if it expires, it is easy to replace it on the app.

How can I replace my Lydia card?


When your card is about to expire, you will automatically receive a new one. You'll get an email a month before your card expires. We'll ask you about your current postal address. Once you've confirmed it, we'll send the new card over to your home. You won't have to pay a thing.

How do I activate my new card?

To activate your new card, you need your ten-digit ID. Once you receive your new card, open the app on your phone and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the second tab of the app
  2. Scroll down and tap "Replace your card"
  3. A warning pops up. Click "I understand"
  4. Enter the ten-digit identifier of your new card

Done! The card is now connected to your phone.

You have to terminate the old card to be able to activate the new one. With Lydia Black, you can use two Lydia cards simultaneously.

How can I use my new card? 💳

Once your new card is activated on the app, check your PIN and change it if need be.

Will my blocked card be replaced?

Automatic replacement does not apply to blocked cards.

Destroying your old card ✂️

A user can destroy the old card in his application by selecting the card then scrolling downward to the “Destroy this card” button. 

Warning: destroying a physical Lydia card is irreversible. The card will be freezed automatically, which will make it impossible to use it further. In this case, it’s better to destroy it by cutting up the card and the chip it contains.

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