Lydia makes it easy to create accounts. These accounts can be opened and closed in a matter of minutes, with no limit on the number.

If the customer has a verified profile, it is possible to have a dedicated Lydia iban for each account so that money can be easily deposited into it by instant transfer.

A Lydia card can be connected to any of these accounts for spending purposes. To order a Lydia card click here.


An envelope allows you to track certain expenses to which a particular budget is allocated. To find out more about how to manage a budget with envelopes on Lydia click here.


A duo account allows two people to spend together on a daily basis. Each account member can connect their Lydia card to the account to use it. To find out more about the duo account click here.


A group account is an account shared by several people. It allows you to pool the expenses of a group of people for a weekend, a holiday, a family or other occasion. To find out more about groups, click here.

Money pot

A money pot is designed to collect money. It allows anyone to deposit money into the account, with or without Lydia. To find out more about the Lydia money pot, click here.

Piggy bank

A piggy bank allows you to put money aside to deal with unforeseen events or to prepare funding for a project.

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