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Lydia brings together top-notch and reliable experts to offer secure and long-term features to all users. Our main partners are:


Payline is Lydia's payment service provider (as well as Amazon’s and Cdiscount’s) which enables and secures the management and debit of payment cards. Payline was created by Monext in 1996 and has been a subsidiary of Credit Mutuel Arkéa since 2010. With over 400 employees in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Manosque, Payline handles more than two billion transactions a year in France and Europe. Find out more about Payline.


Treezor is an e-money and payment services provider licensed by the ACPR. It is a core member of the Mastercard network and part of the SEPA network. The company based in Levallois-Perret, France is the one issuing Lydia’s IBANs plastic and virtual cards. Find out more about Treezor.

Budget Insight

Budget Insight allows Lydia to aggregate financial data in France. The company based in Paris, is DSP2 registered by the ACPR for payment initiation (PISP) and account information (AISP). Find out more about Budget Insight.


Octopuce is a Paris-based company which runs Debian Linux infrastructures in devops for Lydia services as it does for Mylittleparis or Mediapart. Find out more about Octopuce. Find out more about Octopuce.

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