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By linking a bank in the list below to Lydia, you can make one transfer per month as a Free user, and as many as you like by upgrading to Lydia Premium:

  • Banque Postale 
  • BNP Paribas
  • Boursorama 
  • Caisse d'Epargne 
  • Cétélem
  • CIC 
  • Crédit Agricole 
  • Crédit Mutuel 
  • Fortis 
  • Hello Bank! 
  • ING Direct
  • LCL 
  • Société Générale 

Transfer money to a bank account

Option 1 

Directly from the detailed account view (in the third tab, Accounts):

    1. Head to the third tab of the app, where you can consult your various account balances.
    2. Tap on the account from which you want to transfer funds.
    3. Tap on "Transfer to another account".
    4. Enter the amount to transfer.
    5. Select the beneficiary account, or enter the account details, and confirm.

Option 2 

From the first tab:

    1. Open the Lydia app and head to the homescreen in the first tab, where you can initiate payments.

    2. Enter the amount and tap “Pay”.
    3. Enter your four digit security code, or use your digital fingerprint or Face ID to continue.
    4. Sélectionner le compte bancaire de destination en le sélectionnant 
      Il est possible d'ajouter manuellement un compte bancaire en utilisant son IBAN
      This bank account can be:
      • one of your other bank accounts, or your Lydia IBAN account
      • someone else’s bank account
    5. Select the account issuing the payment
    6. Add a message, and confirm

To confirm a transfer, you must include a description. This appears on the payee’s bank statement.

Once the transfer is approved, a receipt is visible in your transaction history (second tab).


The payee’s bank account details must be saved as a payee in the bank account issuing the payment.

To find out more about payees, read this article: Payees.

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