In order to obtain a verified profile and benefit from its advantages, the user must provide several documents proving their identity. Among those is the video selfie.

The video selfie is one of the options we recommend because it’s an easy, fast and secure solution for the user.

The video selfie isn’t mandatory. If the user does not wish to provide a video selfie, another option can be chosen and other documents will have to be sent instead.

A quick and easy solution 🌠

The video selfie is easy to do as the user always (normally) has their head on their shoulders! 🙃 

It’s also quick to do. The user films himself and repeats a random sentence displayed on their screen. In less than 10 seconds, the selfie is taken and sent to our teams, all of this from the Lydia app.

A secure solution 🔐

The risk of falsifying a video selfie is much lower than with administrative documents. It’s therefore a very reliable solution in order to verify the identity of a person.

At Lydia, only the teams responsible for verifying the profiles of Lydia users have access to these video selfies.

Making a successful video selfie 👨📱

In order to be valid, the video selfie must meet several criterias:

  • ✅ A single person must appear on the video: the user wishing to have their profile verified
  • ✅ The face must clearly be visible and must match the other ID documents provided
  • ✅ The image must have a reasonable quality (brightness, image sharpness)
  • ✅ The sound must be good: the user must pronounce the sentence out loud and in an intelligible way
  • ❌ Do not be indecent (clothes, 🛀 situation, 🙊 remarks, etc.)

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