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Subscription and billing cycle

In order to subscribe to Lydia +, the user must go to the Subscriptions menu, accessible from the Profile tab of the app.

  • To subscribe, a valid payment method must be selected and the Terms and conditions of the subscription must be accepted.
  • In the case of a monthly subscription, the selected payment method will be debited each month for the subscription's amount.
  • The next billing date is visible in the Lydia Blue menu, accessible from the Profile tab of the app.
  • An invoice will be sent by email one month after the beginning of the subscription.

Changing the debited payment method

The user can change the debited payment method in the Lydia + menu, accessible from the Profile tab of the app, by selecting a new payment source. This can be a Lydia account or a credit card registered in-app.


In order to unsubscribe, the user has simply to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Account" tab of the app;
  2. Select "Lydia plans" menu;
  3. Click on "Change plan";
  4. And on "Stop Lydia +".

The user will retain the Lydia + status until the end of the subscription period.

The free subscription limits will then be applied.

👉 See our pricing & limits for more information

Resubscribing to Lydia +

The subscription can be reactivated at any time, at no extra charge, from the "Lydia plans" menu, accessible from the "Account" tab.

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