Lydia users can create a page for all their Lydia accounts or money pots to invite people who are not using Lydia to chip in.

Why create an online page?

For any Lydia account you can activate a web page automatically linked to it. Thus, this account will have a dedicated URL which can be shared to anyone in order to credit it easily. From the online page anyone can contribute to it thanks to the payment form. This is indeed very convenient to:

  • Collect money for a group gift (just like Lydia money pots)
  • Accept contributions for a group trip ;
  • More broadly, collect money for any projects.

Activation and publication of the online page 🖥️

To enable or disable the online page, just go to the detailed view of your account. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the tab "Accounts" ;
  2. Click on the relevant account from the "Accounts & money pots" section ;
  3. Click on "Online Page" in order to activate the page and personnalize it ;
  4. The URL of the page appears on the screen. Just click on "Share" to share the link with your contacts.

Customization of the online page ✍️

Participants usually like reading a description including an image to have a good grasp of the project. With Lydia, you can customize your online page with just a few taps. In the details of the account you only need to:

  1. Click on "Modify" under the url of the "Online page"
  2. Optional - Enter the page description
  3. Optional - Insert a picture
  4. Optional – Enable or disable the display of the amount and available balance

How do I credit an account via an online page? 💳

From the online page anyone can contribute to it thanks to the payment form. It is possible to do so by paying:

  • With Lydia, if the participants have a Lydia account linked to the phone number they provide. They will receive a request;
  • With a credit card, by entering your card numbers in the form online.
Contributions made with credit cards from the online page are subject to a 2,5% commission on the amount received by the organizer (0,10 € minimum.) Consult pricing and limits of Lydia's services.

Every time someone chips in, a payment receipt will appear in your history showing the participant's first and last name (or phone number) and the amount credited.

Spend the money collected 💸

Only the organisers can use the money collected through an online page. It's possible to spend the money by selecting the account as a payment source.

With a Lydia, the creator of the account can manage it with other Lydia users. Invited members can spend money if "the right to spend" is granted by the owner. For more information, see this article.

Delete the online page 🗑️

The user either disable your page temporarily or archive the wallet. If there is still money on this account, it will be asked to transfer it to another account before closing it.

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