What is Lydia Premium?

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👋 Bye bye Lydia Premium... say hi to Lydia's brand new plans! 🎉

Premium is a paying service that lets Lydia users take advantage of an unparalleled mobile payment experience, with extended limits.

So... What is Premium all about? 🚀

With Premium, Lydia users get the most advanced money management experience they could get on a mobile device. 

Premium is a 100% mobile current account that lets them receive and spend money anywhere in the world, instantly. 

Money management, made simple and friendly 😎

With Premium, users can create...

  • As many Lydia accounts as they want to organise budgets and expenses. Users can create:
    • an account to save for a lifelong dream or for a personal project.
    • dedicated accounts to limit certain personal expenses ("Nights out", "Leisure", "Shopping").
  • Shared Accounts to simplify common expenses and make them enjoyable (works like a charm between lover, flatmates or friends for a trip away).
  • Commission-free money pots for every birthday, farewell drink, wedding gift or events for which users need to collect money among several people to buy a nice present.

Seamless payments, anywhere in the world 💳

With Premium, for as low as €2.99 per month (free for < 25 years old users), users can pay anywhere: in stores, online, at home or abroad.

Register to Premium

The user has the choice between:

  • The annual subscription: it commits the user for 12 months, day for day, from the date of subscription. Price: 29.9€/year (2 months for free);
  • The monthly plan: the monthly subscription is non-binding with a price of 2.99€/month.
    The subscription is automatically renewed until the user terminates his subscription. Any period started is due in full.
👉 To know everything about Lydia Premium, you can read the Terms & Conditions.

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