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From the Lydia market, you can access a service that lets you open an Hello bank! online bank account. 

Under certain conditions, you can also get a welcome bonus after you open an Hello bank! account. To know more about these conditions, click here.

*These offers are subject to specific conditions that can be read on our partner’s website.

Opening an account 🏦

To access the service that lets you create a Hello bank! account, you can simply:

  1. Go to the Lydia market, from the 4th tab of the app
  2. Select « bank account »
  3. Choose Hello bank!
  4. Click on « Check the offer »
  5. Follow the steps to open your account on our partner’s website.

Welcome bonus 💸

Under specific conditions, you can also get a welcome bonus made of...

  • A bonus from Hello bank! which is credited on your Hello bank! account after you've opened it (conditions can be read when subscribing to the offer)
  • An extra bonus given by Lydia which is credited directly to your Lydia account in the 45 days following your account opening.
NB: In order to get the extra bonus given by Lydia, you must open your Hello bank! account from "the market", in the Lydia app, on your mobile. If you open your account directly from Hello bank!'s website, you won't be eligible to that bonus. This offer is valid only once per individual and per new account.

Contact and useful information 😇

Every enquiry about this offer should be addressed directly to Hello bank! customer service which can be reached…

  • By chat, 24/7 from Hello bank! mobile app or website
  • By phone by dialing +33 (0)800 848 400 (no additional charge) from Monday to Saturday between 8 am and 8 pm.

👉 To know more about the offers displayed in the Lydia market, read « About the Lydia market »

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