With the Lydia card, users can pay and withdraw money anywhere in the world in any currency, without any fees (except for countries banned by OFAC).

Why use the Lydia card abroad? 🤔

Most traditional banks, online banks and next-generation banking apps charge us a lot of money when we travel overseas.

  • Banks charge a fee of 1.95% to 3% on each payment and withdrawal
  • Next-generation banking apps charge a fee of 1.7% to 2% on each cash withdrawal

👉 With Lydia, we made sure there were no more fees. Wherever you are in the world, Lydia card payments and withdrawals remain totally free as long as you don't exceed the limits defined by your subscription (see Prices and limits).

All payments and withdrawals are based on the Visa real exchange rate with no additional fees.

How does the card work abroad? ✈️

The Lydia card works just like a traditional card. You can use it to pay in shops and withdraw cash at ATMs.

With the mobile app, the Lydia card:

  • immediately displays the amount spent in Euros on your mobile for each payment or withdrawal
  • can be blocked remotely if your card is lost or stolen
Important note before making payments or withdrawals abroad: Some POS terminals or ATMs may ask you if you want to complete the transaction using their own exchange rate. You should always choose "NO” and use the real Visa exchange rate proposed by Lydia instead. If you say "YES", the retailer's or distributor's bank will do the conversion. You could end up paying significant foreign exchange fees.

How do I disable payments abroad? 🌎

You can make a card unusable abroad on the app.

Just open the app and head to the second tab.

  1. Go to the card carousel
  2. Select the card you are interested in
  3. Tap on "Features"
  4. Tap on the blue button next to "Payments Abroad"

When the button turns grey, it means you cannot use the card abroad.

To learn more about card limits read the Pricing and limits page available here.

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