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Incoming transfer on a IBAN Lydia 💰

Incoming transfers are entirely free for Lydia IBAN holders.

If the issuing bank’s currency is the Euro and part of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), you will not be charged when you receive a transfer on one of your Lydia accounts.

If a banking institution sends over a transfer to your Lydia IBAN in a different currency without conversion, the transfer will not be processed and will be returned to the issuing banking institution.

Outgoing transfer from a Lydia account 💸

Transfers issued from a Lydia account via a Lydia IBAN are entirely free and instantaneous for Lydia Blue and Lydia Black users. Users who subscribed to a Lydia plan can make as many transfers as they want if their bank linked to the app appears in this list.

When Lydia free users wish to make an instant transfer to an account IBAN, they have the choice of: 

  • paying a €1 fee 
  • upgrading to a Lydia Blue or Lydia Black subscription to benefit from free instant transfers
  • opting for a standard transfer which will be done within 3 working days

In addition, an extra 1.5% charge may apply if their subscription limits are exceeded.

Click to know more about Lydia Blue and Lydia Black.

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