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When you send money to a phone number using Lydia, the recipient may not receive it for two reasons:

1 / Your recipient does not have a Lydia account 🤷

When you make a Lydia, the recipient receives a text inviting him/her to:

  • Create a Lydia account to collect the money on the app or
  • Provide his/her bank details on a web page to receive the money on his/her bank account.

The recipient has 7 days to choose one of the options above. The payment shows as "pending" for 7 days.

If the recipient does not take any action, the transaction will be cancelled automatically on the 8th day. The amount sent will be re-credited on the payment method used to make the transfer:

  • Immediately if you have taken money from your Lydia account
  • Within 2 or 3 business days if you have taken money from your bank account.

⚠️ If you have used your credit card’s money (linked to Lydia) to make the transfer, you should expect a refund on the 10th, 11th or 12th day.

👉 Payments are automatically refunded. No need to get in touch with Lydia! 😉.

2 / You have sent money to the wrong number 🤭

It's a common mistake. You either sent the money to the wrong person in your contact list or made a typo and sent it to an unknown number.

If the transaction shows as "pending approval by the recipient"…

The recipient has 7 days to approve it. On the 8th day, the amount will be re-credited on the payment method used.

👉 In most cases, the "wrong" number is not allocated: no one holds the line. The money will be re-credited immediately after 8 days.

If the recipient has approved the transaction…

You will have to get in touch with the recipient to discuss the situation and ask for a refund of the amount wrongly credited to him/her.

👉 Lydia can support you through the process but only acting as a "mediator".

Learn more on Payments sent to the wrong recipient.

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