Change the payment method for a transaction

You change change the payment source, within the app, that was originally used after you have made the payment.

Ensure that you are on the second tab of the app.  From here you should be able to see your payment history.  Select the transaction you would like to modify. From here tap on “change the payment source” and select the new payment source you would prefer to use.  This means that the original payment source will be cancelled and you will be immediately re-credited the amount onto your account. Immediately after confirmation the payment method

How to know if my payment method of a transaction was charged?

An email will be sent to your linked email account after every modification.  Also, you can simply check the same receipt you edited should indicate “edited” beside the payment source used.

To actually see the original payment method you will need to tap on the cell.


Please note that the number of changes allowed per month is 1 for Lydia Free users.

The payment source of the transaction can only be changed once per payment.

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