Lydia Premium termination on 28/02/2021

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2018 was the year we launched Lydia Premium, an offer allowing many loyal users to benefit from all of Lydia's new features (such as our convenient Lydia card or free-of-charge money pots), which enabled us to grow and create an innovative and user-friendly service.

In November of 2020, after more than two years of experience and feedback, we decided to go one step further with two new offers replacing Premium: Lydia Blue and Lydia Black. These solutions were made for those who want to use Lydia every day as their main banking application, or even their main account.

Your application, account and card give you complete and optimal control over all money-related subjects. With these new subscription plans and services (direct debits, instant transfers, card customisation, insurance products, phone support) come great responsibilities, which means that we had to review our prices in order to keep providing you with best-in-class service.

We did our best clarifying these changes on the application, in these articles... And we intend to do the same with our Terms and Conditions.

We know what you're thinking. Boring, right? But these terms are essential, as they regulate our relationship. So, if you have a bit of time, please read our new T&Cs.

Have you got somewhere to be?🏃Here's a summary of the main changes ⤵️

Goodbye, Lydia Premium 👋

And hello new subscription plans! You're welcome to subscribe as of now.

  • For the blue app lovers, our Lydia Blue subscription plan of €4.90 a month allows you to use all Lydia functionalities with extended limits: (and at no cost if you are under 25 💸)
  • For our most demanding users, the Lydia Black exclusive subscription plan provides you with travel and payment insurances, a new black card, a concierge service, phone support, and so on… For just €7.90 a month.

Good to know 💡

  • If you've already subscribed to a yearly Lydia Premium plan, you will automatically be switched to a Lydia Blue subscription plan from 28/02/2021 and will benefit from our Lydia Blue status at Premium price, until the end of your plan.
  • If you're a monthly Lydia Premium user and you want to switch to Lydia Blue now, your remaining Lydia Premium days will be transferred to your new Lydia Blue subscription.

👉 For further details, check our Prices and Limits page.

As a Lydia Premium user, what do I need to do?

Nothing. Our new T&Cs will apply in two months. If you haven't terminated your subscription by then, you will automatically be switched to a Lydia Blue plan. In other words, you have until 28/02/2021 to let us know that you refuse to subscribe to Lydia Blue:

  • Via e-mail at;
  • Or by post at the following address: Service Client Lydia, 14 avenue de l’Opéra, 75001 Paris.

In this case, your current subscription will not be renewed and free-user limits will apply.

Our former Lydia Premium T&Cs are available here.

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