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By subscribing to Lydia Premium, you can create one or more Lydia accounts. Lydia Premium is currently only available for our users in France.

Here are some examples:

  • Putting money aside for a trip to South America
  • Setting a 'shopping' budget to be respected and used as a payment source

The possibilities are endless.

Creating a new account  

To create a Lydia account, click on the '+' on the bottom righthand corner of the 'Account' tab.

Using the money in an account

To spend the money in this account, you can select it as a payment source:

  • from the app
  • with a Lydia card
  • online and in apps with a virtual card

To top up this account, you can:

  • transfer money to your Lydia IBAN
  • use the money that is in a different Lydia account
  • share a 'money pot', an online page that is linked to an account

For the time being, the Lydia cards and Lydia IBAN are only available to our users in France.

Create an online page for an account

By clicking on 'Money pot', you can create a personalised online page (title, URL and image) to collect money. You can share these pages with others to receive funds into this account.

Manage your account display settings

See : Managing your accounts

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