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Money sent to the wrong recipient

Once you've sent a payment towards a wrong phone number or e-mail address linked to a Lydia account, the money legally belongs to the recipient.

A peer-to-peer transaction that has been completed thus cannot be cancelled by the sender, whatever the reason may be.

If you find yourself in such a scenario, you can ask the recipient for a refund, by clicking on the payment in your transaction history and on "Request a refund".

☝️ In any case, the recipient is legally required to refund the sender. Lydia can support you through the process but only acting as a "mediator".

In some cases, the transaction remains pending because the recipient account is temporarily blocked. The recipient has 7 days to access it, after which the transaction is automatically cancelled by Lydia on the 8th day and instantly credited back to your account, or 3 business days later to your bank account.

If the person doesn't have Lydia

If the phone number or e-mail address isn't linked to a Lydia account, the payment will also remain pending for 7 days.

If the recipient does not retrieve the money by creating an account or by entering their bank account details, the payment will automatically be cancelled on the 8th day.

However, in such a case, you can ask the cancellation of the pending transaction by clicking on the payment in your transaction history and on "Ask cancellation".

The recipient is notified of your request.

If he accepts, or if he doesn't do anything within the next 24 hours, the transaction will be cancelled and the money will be instantaneously credited back to your Lydia account or within 3 business days to your bank account, depending on the means of payment used.

To know more, read this article on Pending transactions.

👉 Lydia lets you easily find any transaction made in the past, with no time limit.

Learn more about Lydia's transaction history.

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