What is the Lydia IBAN?

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Lydia provides verified users with a free French IBAN (account number) to receive bank transfers.

This French IBAN is made of a country code (FR), a control key (2 digits), a bank code (8 digits) and a bank account number (10 digits).

You can view the IBAN and its settings in the app.

How can I activate and use my Lydia IBAN? 🏦

The Lydia IBAN is only available to Lydia users with a verified profile. You will find it in:

  • The IBAN section of any Lydia account (can be reached from the 3rd tab of the app)
  • The "IBANs and Beneficiaries" menu under "Lydia IBANs" in the 4th tab.
How do I save my IBAN?

You can copy/paste your IBAN and BIC (bank identifier code) or download it as a PDF file like standard bank account details.

Can I receive money on my Lydia IBAN? 📲


You can receive your salary on the Lydia IBAN.


You must be able to justify any refund arriving on your Lydia account through the Lydia IBAN.

This means that our transaction security department can request proof of funds if needed.

Self-employed activity

You cannot use the Lydia IBAN for this purpose.

According to French law, self-employed workers need to open a dedicated account for their activity that is separate from their personal bank account. Since Lydia is not a bank account, you cannot legally use it to receive payments for your services.

What are the bank transfer fees and processing time?

For more information on bank transfer fees, read this article.

To find out about the processing time of transfers using the Lydia IBAN, check out this article.

Can I set up direct debits?

It is not currently possible to set up direct debits on any of your Lydia accounts.

Can I transfer money to my sub-accounts?

By default, any incoming transfer to your Lydia account will credit your main account.

You can transfer money directly from the bank account linked to Lydia to one of your Lydia sub-accounts if you make the transfer via the app.

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