Premium migration towards Lydia Blue

Updated 3 months ago by Hoai Phong TRAN

It's no longer possible to subscribe to Lydia Premium. Say hi to the new Lydia plans: Lydia Blue and Lydia Black.

Starting from 28/02/2021, all Lydia Premium subscribers who haven't changed plans will be automatically subscribed to Lydia Blue.

Good news

The remaining days of your Lydia Premium subscription will be automatically carried over to the new Lydia Blue subscription.

For example, users who have already paid for their yearly Lydia Premium subscription will benefit from Lydia Blue for the entire period they already paid, at the same rate as Lydia Premium.


Lydia Premium subscribers can withdraw until February 28th, 2021, by informing Lydia of their refusal to renew their subscription:

- by e-mail:;

- by post: Lydia Customer Service, 14 avenue de l'Opéra, 75001 Paris.

In this case, they will switch from Lydia Premium to the Lydia free subscription.

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