All about the Lydia Instant Loan

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Lydia is now allowing users to borrow between €100 and €1,000 which can be instanty credited to their Lydia account.

User cases of the Instant Loan

This unique function can be used in certain cases such as:

  • Spread out a purchase that you’ve already made.  An example would be plane tickets.
  • Come across an exceptional need like purchasing Christmas presents.

Obtaining a loan

The user can request a loan from the “Banque du Groupe Casino” with the Lydia app from:

  • The receipt of payment (in the case of “spreading out a purchase”)
  • The list of methods of payment for a transaction (when you would like to finance a payment)
  • The list of advanced functionalities or from an account (in order to top up an account).

Tap here from your smartphone to try it out!

The bank reserves the right to deem a user eligible for the offer and also what the maximum amount they can borrow.

Personal information that the user accept to share with the bank will allow them to evaluate each request.

The response is immediate and definitive.

Payment of the charges, by bank card, confirms your subscription.

Receive and using the money

The money is credited on the Lydia account of the user.  The choice is

  • Straight away (chargeable option)
  • Within 14 days (free option)

It can be spent without any condition.

Paying back the loan

Paying back the loan is spread out over 3 months which will be automatically taken from the account that you used at the beginning.  One third of the amount will be paid 30, 60 and 90 days after the subscription date.

The user can follow their payment plan on the Lydia app.

Cancelling a loan

The user has the right to retract and cancel their request.  Once it is done within 14 days of creating the request.

In order to do so the user must print off, fill out and send by post a mail to the “Banque Casino”. In said mail there should be the retraction form which can be found in the general terms and conditions.

If the user has chosen the instant option they must reimburse the amount borrowed to the “Banque Casino” and the user will be reimbursed the fees paid when they signed up.

Read more about canceling your loan.


In the case of a question relating to the justification of the automatic reply that you will receive once you send your request. The user can contact the customer service team directly at “Banque Casino” either by mail ( or by telephone at 08 25 95 44 51 (from Monday to Friday (9am to 8pm) and Saturday from 9am to 6pm. The user must mention their client reference number during a phone conversation so make sure to check out that information before! All of the relevant information can be found on the tracking screen following your loan in progress.

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