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You can use your Lydia balance with Apple Pay, in store or online.

Payment in-store


To purchase goods in store simply bring your iPhone towards the card terminal and place your finger to use Touch ID, Face ID or simply enter your security code. To pay using your Apple Watch simply double click the side button and bring your watch towards the card terminal.


You can easily pay in any retailer that accepts contactless payments for Mastercard.  Not only is this service available in France but also in the entire world once contactless payment is accepted.

In-app and online payments


In order to pay online and in app on your iPhone or iPad you simply select Apple Pay while selecting your payment method.  Simply use Touch ID to finalise the payment. In Safari on your Mac simply select Apple Pay and finish the transaction with your iPhone or Apple Watch.


You can simply pay on websites offering the possibility to pay with Apple Pay. All you have to do is select this payment method once you have finished filling your basket.  Of course you are also able to use this service in apps that accept Apple Pay.


You will be informed from a push notification once you make a payment using Apple Pay. You will be able to find a receipt in both your Apple wallet and the 2nd tab of your Lydia app.  The receipt on your Lydia app will also mention that you used Apple Pay.

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