About the Energy provider switching service

Updated 2 weeks ago by Solenne Gueroux

From the Lydia market, you can access a service that lets you switch Energy providers in a few clicks. Your former Energy contract will be cancelled automatically.

How it works 💻

To access that service, you first need to go to the Lydia market located in the 4th tab of the app, then... 

  1. Choose « Cheaper Energy »
  2. Click on « See offer »
  3. Follow the steps required to switch Energy providers

Cost of Energy subscriptions 💸

Energy contracts’ prices displayed on our partner’s platform are updated on a regular basis. Offers may vary with time.

Cost of the switching service 😇

The Energy subscription switching service provided by our partner is entirely free.

Eligibility 👍

To be able to switch Energy providers, you must not be committed to staying with your current provider.

Getting in touch 🙋‍♀️

For inquiries, please reach out to Papernest’s support (our partner).

👉 To know more about all the offers displayed in the Lydia market, read « About the Lydia market »

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