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All Lydia users can activate the contactless mobile payment option by adding their Lydia card to their Wallet, this option is free for all Lydia users.

Lydia lets you pay contactless in any store using your smartphone.

To be used anywhere 🛍️

You can use your smartphone to pay contactless in any store currently accepting contactless card payments, wherever you are in the world.

On a mobile, click on the button below to activate the contactless option:

Safer than ever 💪

Every time you perform a payment, your card numbers are hidden by Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Every information transmitted to the payment terminal is 100% encrypted. You can finally pay safely !

Without any amount limit 💸

Actually, contactless mobile payment is so secured that there is no amount limit (unlike the €50 limit you can experience with your bank card).

This is due to the fact that the payment is more secured as you will need to add your Touch ID to process the payment or adding a PIN or using facial recognition is an option.

On a mobile, click on the button below to activate the contactless option:

This feature is currently unavailable. To add your card to Samsung Pay, please enter the card's digits directly in the Samsung Pay app (see here).

For every transaction, your Lydia account is debited. Don’t forget to top it up before paying contactless.

👉 Contactless payments are unlimited with a Lydia plan. Click to know more about Lydia Blue and Lydia Black.

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