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The Lydia card works with a smartphone. You can set up and manage your card entirely on the Lydia app.

Where can I find the card’s settings?

Open the app and go to the Lydia card menu in the last tab. You can get to that menu directly by clicking on the button below.

How can I block the card?

If your card is lost or stolen, you can block it instantly on your app. You can block it and unblock it as many times as you need for free. To know how to do so, read this article.

How can I enable or disable the card’s features?

Drag the buttons of the Features menu to enable or disable specific card options

The following settings are available:

  • Pay abroad —authorise (or not) purchases made on payment terminals that are based outside your country.

> About the "pay abroad" feature.

  • Online payments —authorise (or not) online purchases.
Useful tip: To protect our users' money, we have disabled the "Online Payment" feature by default on the Lydia card. To make secure online purchases, we recommend using our temporary Internet cards instead.

> About the Internet feature

  • ATM withdrawals —authorise (or not) withdrawals from an ATM machine.

> About the ATM withdrawal feature

  • Contactless (NFC) — authorise (or not) contactless payments for small purchases using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

> About the contactless feature

Can I set my own limits (Internet card & physical card)?

You can set your own daily and weekly spending limits in the card's detailed view.

Where can I view or change my PIN (physical card only)?

Tap the PIN line to view your PIN. You can also change your PIN in that same menu.

Can I replace my old card?

You can only use one Lydia card at a time. If you lose your Lydia card, you can activate a new one once you have received it.

With Lydia Black, you can have two active Lydia cards on your account!

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