Can I pay contactless with my Lydia card?

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The Lydia card supports contactless payments.

You can choose to enable or disable contactless payments directly on the app.


Contactless payment

It refers to a payment made without entering your credit card into a terminal and typing your PIN. You only have to press your card against the terminal to pay. More and more retailers accept this payment technique for amounts under €20.


NFC is short for "Near Field Communication", the technology behind contactless payments. The Lydia card has an NFC chip.

How do I disable contactless payments?

Follow these steps to disable contactless payments:

  1. Go to the Lydia card menu in the last tab and hit "Manage my Lydia cards"
  2. Click "Features"
  3. Drag the button next to "Contactless". The button turns grey (disabled)

Done: The card will not allow contactless payments.

How do I enable contactless payments?

To activate contactless payments click or swipe the button located next to "Contactless". The button turns blue (enabled), meaning the card now has contactless payments enabled.

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