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When a user wishes to pay for a purchase on the Internet, he may receive a 3D Secure SMS containing a code to validate his payment.

Unfortunately, it can happen that 3D Secure SMS messages are never received on the phone.

Payment with a bank card other than the Lydia card

In the case of payment with a bank card other than Lydia card (CIC, ING, Caisse d'Epargne, etc.), the user must contact his bank directly.

Payment with a Lydia card

In 99% of Lydia card payments, the non-reception of the 3D Secure SMS is linked to a change of user’s phone number.


When a user changes their phone number, they can update it in the app. However, this does not automatically update it in the 3D Secure verification system.

👀 The user can also notice this by paying attention to the phone number displayed on the web page indicating that a 3D Secure SMS will be sent. If the phone number displayed is still the old one, then the SMS will not be received on the new number. QED. 🤓 The Lydia teams are currently working on this subject to improve the experience on the app.

Now, in order to make this update, the user must contact Lydia customer support: support@lydia-app.com. The intervention can take up to 2-3 working days.

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