About the phone provider switching service

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From the Lydia market, you can access a service that lets you switch phone providers in a few clicks. Your former phone subscription will automatically be cancelled.

How it works 💻

To access this service, you first need to go to the Lydia market located in the 4th tab of the app. Then.. 

  1. Choose « Cheaper phone »
  2. Click on « See offer »
  3. Follow the steps required to switch phone subscriptions on our partner’s website.

Cost of phone subscriptions 💸

Phone offers’ prices displayed on our partner’s platform are updated on a regular basis. Offers may vary with time.

Cost of the switching service 😇

The phone provider switching service provided by our partner is entirely free.

Eligibility 👍

To be able to switch phone providers, you must not be committed to staying with your current provider. Providers’ contractual commitment periods usually vary between 12 months and 24 months.

Getting in touch 🙋‍♀️

For enquiries, please reach out to Papernest’s support (our partner).

👉 To know more about all the offers displayed in the Lydia market, read « About the Lydia market »

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