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From the Lydia market, you can access a service that lets you cover your home against various risks.

There is no commitment in subscribing to this home insurance.

  • The subscription process doesn’t take more than 2 minutes
  • Compensation is transferred to your account within 2 hours following your insurance claim
  • If the damage you’re facing can be repaired, a company will come at your house to fix it within 2 days following your insurance claim

Subscribing to the home insurance 😎

You can access the home insurance offer by going to the "Activity" tab. Then...

  1. Click on the “Discover” symbol ;
  2. Select "Partners services" ;
  3. Choose “Luko” ;
  4. Subscribe to the home insurance on our partner’s website.

What is and what is not covered ☂️

  • The basic home insurance plan covers your nest against fire damage, water damage, major disasters and includes a civil liability
  • As an option, you can choose to cover your flat against theft, glass breakage, etc.

Insurance claims and contact information 🤷

You can file an insurance claim and track its status right from our partner’s mobile app. For every enquiry, you can also reach out to Luko (our partner) by…

👉 To know more about all the offers displayed in the Lydia market, read About the "Discover" tab.

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