About the Lydia card

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The Lydia card is a payment card entirely designed by Lydia.

This card lets users pay using the money they have on their Lydia accounts.

It's a Visa Debit card which is truly accepted everywhere! It can be used to pay or to withdraw cash anywhere in the world, whatever the currency.

With Lydia Blue and Lydia Black plans, the first card is free! For additional cards, the production and delivery cost €5 for a blue card, €9 for a black card.

The Lydia card is freaking powerful πŸ’ͺ

Simply because it is...

  • Always connected to users' mobile.Β Users can block the card from the Lydia app at anytime. They can also control spending, set limits for payments/withdrawals. They can block/unblock contactless, payments abroad, Internet payments and cash withdrawals right from the app.
  • Multi-accounts.Β In the Lydia card settings (last tab of the app), users can change the Lydia account that the Lydia card debits.
  • Perfect for trips abroad.Β No exchange fee is billed on payments and withdrawals abroad. The Lydia card uses

πŸ‘‰ With Premium, you can get unlimited access to all of these features. Click here to know more about Lydia Premium.

Before ordering a Lydia card

Here is what users need to know before any Lydia card order:

  • The Lydia card works with the Lydia app and uses the money stored on Lydia. Lydia app is free to use and can be downloaded on iPhone and Android devices ;
  • To use the Lydia card, users must create a Lydia account. It is free and only takes a couple minutes.

What you can pay with the Lydia card πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

The Lydia card can be used to...

  • pay in-store anywhere in the world.
  • withdraw cash at any ATM, whatever the currency.

πŸ‘‰ However, if you plan on buying stuff online, we recommend using Lydia Internet Cards. To know more, read this article.

Definitely universal 🌍

The Lydia card can debit any type of Lydia account. Users can for example link the Lydia card to...

Lydia card settings can be accessed from the last tab of the app (click here from a mobile).Β 

If users' Lydia balance isn't sufficient to honor a payment, it won't go through.Β In that case, users can top up their Lydia accounts or ask for an Instant Loan.

A unique card πŸ’«

With Lydia Blue and Lydia Black, you can customize your card by choosing yourself the two lines of text on the front.

Your name will appear on the back of the card, with the numbers.

It means that you can make your card unique and add your nickname, your motto or the lyrics of your favourite song! Be creative, as long as it complies with our customization policy.

What you need to get the Lydia card πŸ“

In order to get the Lydia card, users...

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