Linking my bank to Lydia

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Linking your bank account to Lydia lets you access the following features directly within Lydia:

    Compatible banks

    To consult your balance

    List of banks compatible with Lydia.

    To make a bank transfer

    Not all of the banks in the list let you make bank transfers from Lydia.

    List of banks where you can make bank transfers from within Lydia.

    Add a bank

    Log-in details

    To add a bank, go to the Accounts tab (third tab of the app), tap on “+”, then “Bank account”, and, and enter the same log-in details as those you use to connect to your bank's online banking platform.

    Depending on your bank, an additional security step may be required - e.g. a text with a code for you to enter.

    The synchronisation of your account may take several minutes, so not all data may be instantly available - especially your existing payee details.

    Updating account details

    Lydia and Budget Insight automatically update your accounts several times per day. You can see the last time your accounts were updated by opening the detailed view of each account.

    Renew my log-in details

    If there is an exclamation mark next to one of your accounts, this means that one of your your log-in details needs to be updated. You must modify your username and your password directly by tapping on the exclamation mark, or within the detailed view of your account by tapping on "Update my log-in details".

    Once your new log-in details have been entered, you will once again be able to see your accounts within Lydia.

    Re-adding an account

    If you want to delete an account you've saved, Lydia will immediately delete the stored log-in details. We cannot restore this account, even if you'd like to do so. To add it again, you'll have to restart the process of linking it to Lydia.

    Deleting a bank

    In the detailed view of your accounts, click on “Delete this account”. Your data will be deleted. You can re-enter your log-in details by going to "Add a bank" by tapping on "+" in the "Accounts" tab.


    All users can link a bank.

    You can add up to ten banks in the app if you are a Premium subscriber.

    You can add up to ten banks in the app if you are signed up to the Lydia Premium service.

    What is Budget Insight

    For maximum security, Lydia uses Budget Insight's technology to provide a secure connection with your bank. All data is encrypted.

    Budget Insight has:

    • Over 350 financial establishments supported in France and internationally
    • A connection that is secure, simple, and takes only 30 seconds to set up
    • A global, harmonised overview of all your accounts in real-time
    • Save time by making bank transfers directly within Lydia

    You can find more information on their website.

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