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From the Discover section, accessible via the little compass icon in the top-right corner of the Activity tab, the user can access a service to benefit from the best hotel deals.

Description 👀

Our partner negotiates hotel rates for you that are up to 25% cheaper than on other online travel platforms. You will also be able to enjoy many advantages on your trip and on your accommodation such as upgrades, access to spa but also services such as car rental for excursions and sightseeing tours.

How it works ⚙️

To access this service, simply go to Discover, accessible via the little compass icon in the top-right corner of the Activity tab and:

  1. Select "Hotel offers";
  2. Carefully read the displayed information, describing the partner and any associated conditions and bonuses;
  3. Click on "Let's try!", and you'll be sent to a website prepared by our partner specially for Lydia users;
  4. Carry out your research;
  5. Finalize your order and let yourself be guided.

Key informations 👂

🙏 Lydia thanks you for your trust: This offer is followed by a free year of premium subscription! Once you have found the hotel that suits you and that everything is sorted out, you'll be able to celebrate this future departure.

💵 Note that the promo code is directly entered on the website when you click on "Let's try!". You therefore don't have to enter the promo code when complete your stay.

For all your questions 🙋‍♂️

For any questions you may have about our partner's service, whether before or after your stay, don't hesitate to contact their customer service directly via their form.

👉 To discover all the services offered by Lydia, please read this article.

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