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You can use the balance of  Lydia account with Samsung Pay to make purchases in-store.

Payment in-store


You can use Samsung Pay and Lydia on your phone to pay in any shop that accept contactless payments for Mastercard cards, anywhere in the world.


  1. To make a purchase in-store:

    Open Samsung Pay by swiping your finger upwards from the Home button, or by opening the Samsung Pay on the homescreen.
  2. Select the card with which you'd like to pay by swiping your finger to the left or to the right in the app.
  3. Verify your identity with your digital fingerprint. Or, enter your Samsung Pay four digit PIN code. If you have a  S8/S8+ or a S9/S9+, you can also use the iris scanner.
  4. Place the device near the payment terminal.
  5. The terminal indicates if the payment was successful.

If the payment doesn't go through:

  1. Try again
  2. Read the notification from Lydia stating why the payment was rejected (insufficient balance means that the transaction total is superior to the balance available).


You'll receive a push notification as soon as a payment is made. 

This transaction is then visible in Samsung Pay as well as in your Lydia transaction history (a Samsung Pay logo will appear on the receipt).

In-store refunds

All purchases made with Samsung Pay can be refunded in the same way as with any card - according to the merchant's refunds policy.

To refund a purchase made with Samsung Pay, the cashier may ask to place the telephone next to the payments terminal, as you would to make a purchase, in order to validate the refund.

The cashier may also request the last four digits of the card used for the transaction. In this case, you need to open Samsung Pay and display your Lydia card, then provide the four digits displayed on the left hand side of the card.

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