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Verification by SMS (text message)

Every time you log into the app, and sometimes for bank transfers that are requested externally, or as part of a verification process when adding a new phone number to your account, Lydia will ask you to confirm receipt of a text message by entering the code received. 

Lydia sends this text message to the phone number associated with the account - it shouldn't take more than a minute to arrive. If this is not the case, perhaps the phone number that Lydia has for you is incorrect (and the text message has been sent to another number), or there might a problem with the phone operator, or it may be a technical problem coming from Lydia or our telecommunications partner.

If you can, please check the number linked to your account and change it if necessary. Otherwise, please try again a few hours later.

If it still does not work, you should get in touch with the Lydia support team. 

Transfers by text message

When you send a peer-to-peer payment or request to someone that does not have the Lydia app by entering their phone number, Lydia sends a text message to the recipient to let them know about the transaction. 

If the recipient definitely does not have a Lydia account and they have not received an email or push notification about the transaction on their phone, the problem may be one of the following:

In the final case, please contact the Lydia support team. 

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