Payment receipts

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You can find every transaction you ever made with Lydia right from the 2nd tab of the app. There is no time limit.

Finding payment receipts in-app 📱

There are three ways of finding payments you made from the Lydia app.

Via push notifications

App users will receive a push notification right after the payment, provided they have an internet connection. This feature can be deactivated from the last tab of the app.

From the Transaction history

Payment receipts made with the app are displayed in your transaction history.

Each receipt contains the following information:

  • the recipient or sender of the payment
  • the amount
  • the payment method that was used and debited
  • any added notes (optional)
  • the business address (if the payment was made in-store)

Via email 

Every time you will make a payment, a recap email will be sent to your address. This feature can be disabled from your account settings.

What you can do from an in-app payment receipt 👌

From a payment receipt, you can:

  • Obtain more information about the payment by clicking on 'Transaction information'
  • Change the source used for this payment
  • Request a refund if money was wrongly sent to an individual
  • Split the bill
  • Get in touch with the Lydia support team

If you ever need a proof of payment 📝

The Lydia support team can provide a proof of payment upon request at

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