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The concept of “creating a gift card” allows you to use the money collected on a money pot to be put towards a gift card in several large retailers.  

Using this format to withdraw the cash from your moneypot will mean you don’t pay any commission. The money pot must, however, be created using cagnotte.me either on the website or app for non-premium users.

How to create a gift card

The user will choose the amount that they would like to turn into a gift card. You can choose to use the entire amount or simply a percentage of what you would like to turn into a gift card.

A list of retailers is available, some even have a bonus added on.

By clicking on the retailer you will be able to see some more information such as the amount of the card, the amount added on as a bonus and how long the gift card is valid…

Once the T&Cs are accepted you will receive your gift card via e-mail (or the email of the owner of the money pot).  Please make sure to include the e-mail of the person who created the money pot and not the eventual recipient of such a great present!

If you don’t receive your gift card immediately.

It sometimes occurs that the gift card will not be immediately generated.  If this is the case for you then don’t worry you will be notified of when you should expect to receive it.

Don’t forget to check your junk mail in case it was sent there by mistake.  If after doing all of that you have yet to receive the gift card contact the Lydia customer support team and give as much detail as possible.  Include details such as the name you used on your collect, and the retailer you have chosen for the gift card. That way the customer support team will be able to re-send the gift card.

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