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From the Lydia market, you can access a service that lets you claim up to €600 compensation for any delayed or cancelled flights you’ve ever experienced in the past 3 years. 

This compensation can be granted under specific conditions (see “Eligibility”). 

How it works ✈️

To access this service, head to the "Discover" area. Then...

  1. Choose “Partners services
  2. Click on “Check the offer
  3. File a compensation request on our partner’s website.

It may take a few months before actually getting your compensation. To know more, read this.

Cost of the service 💸

If our partner cannot get compensation on your behalf, you won’t have to pay.

Our partner only gets paid when they get compensation. To know more, read this.

Eligibility and amount 😇

Compensations’ amounts may vary according to different critera set by European regulations. There are two main scenarios.

  • If your flight was delayed, you could get...
    • €250 if there was a 2 hours delay (or more) in respect of flights of 1,500 km or more.
    • €400 if there was a 3 hours delay (or more) in respect of flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km
    • €600 if there was a 4 hours delay (or more) in respect of flights of 3,500 km or more.
  • If your flight was cancelled and the airline has informed you less than 14 days before the departure.

You must also be able to prove that you actually bought a ticket for the flight you’re asking compensation for (copy of the plane ticket, invoice from the airline, etc).

Contact and useful information 🙋

If you have any enquiry regarding this delayed or cancelled flight compensation service, you can visit AirHelp’s Help center. You can also track your compensation claim’s status once you’re logged in AirHelp’s website. 

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