After each eligible Lydia card payment, a scratch ticket appears on the client's Gains tab. They then have 24 hours to scratch it and find out if they have won. If so, Lydia refunds their expense up to €50, as soon as the merchant has confirmed the card payment amount.


The draw is immediately made by an algorithm.

The chances of winning vary depending on the card payment amount, up to a limit of 1 chance in 1,000. And if you're not getting lucky, Lydia can give you a temporary boost to your winnings!

Examples of winning probabilities:

  • 1/10 for a payment of €2;
  • 1/333 for a payment of €20;
  • 1/1000 for a payment of €60.


Lydia Version

Only payments of €0.50 or more can be eligible.

Type of Payment

The following are not eligible:

  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs;
  • Money transfers by card to other bank accounts or payment services.

The exhaustive list of non-eligible transactions is available in the detailed rules.


A maximum of 10 tickets are available per 24-hour period.

There is no limit to the number of times a client can win.

A client that no longer wishes to receive their scratch tickets can opt-out by clicking here on a mobile device.

Learn more about the official and detailed rules of the Lydia Scratch Ticket.

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