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Lydia offers you the chance to create a moneypot.  You can create a webpage that people can put money in for a present, holidays, anything you like really!

Create an online moneypot

You can easily create a money pot online at  Or you might prefer to do it from your app on the 3rd tab.  

You can easily personalise the page with a description and a photo before you share it with friends and family


Free for everyone wishing to participate.

If you have organised the money pot you have 2 options to get the money you collected:

Transfer the money to a Lydia account: 0.9%  commission of the amount transferred.

Transfer the money to a bank account: 1.9% commission on the amount taken out.

More information on the services

Lydia sub-account connected to a money pot (Premium users

Lydia Premium users can create collect pages online associated with one of their Lydia sub-accounts.  These pages can be used for online money pots. They get the sames benefits as those created on the website.   

The advantage of this option is that the money is automatically credited onto your Lydia sub-account, without any commission et the user can spend their money directly.  Of course without any charges.

Find out more about the online pages associated with the Premium subscription

Managing your money pot

From the app

By tapping on the account with your money pot on the 3rd tab of your Lydia app.  You can:

  • Open the page: open the page online in your browser
  • Manage your money pot: allow the user to access their dashboard
  • Share the link of the money pot:  the URL link of the money pot can be shared by email, text, or even on social media.

From your browser

You can click on the online money pot page on the link “creator access” and to connect yourself.  You will receive a code on your phone to get access to the dashboard of your money pot.

Participate in the money pot

Everyone that has a link for an online Lydia money pot can participate by paying in total security by payment card or with the Lydia app.  The people participating do not get charged any commission.

The creator of the money pot will receive a push notification or a text on your phone once somebody adds to the money pot with their name and the amount they added.  You will also be able to see their contribution in your receipts tab.


Limitations of investments

Follow this link to see all the limitations.

Using the money collected

The money collected on a money pot must be transferred to either your bank account or Lydia account in order to be spent.  There are cases where certain money pots are directly linked to a Lydia sub-account and can be used immediately.  

Closing a money pot

At any moment you can choose to close a money pot.  This will ultimately mean that the URL created for the money pot will no longer be available.  You will then receive a mail with a breakdown of everyone that participated and how much they contributed.

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