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Recipient bank accounts are bank accounts that have been saved with the Lydia app and which can receive transfers from another bank account. 

With Lydia, you can collect the payees from their various bank accounts, centralise them in the Lydia app, and make transfers to these accounts straight from the app.

Retrieving payees from a bank account

For users in France, by linking your account from one of the banks listed below, you can make at least one transfer each month with Lydia Free, and as many as you like with Lydia Premium

  • Banque Postale 
  • BNP Paribas
  • Boursorama 
  • Caisse d'Epargne 
  • Cétélem
  • CIC 
  • Crédit Agricole 
  • Crédit Mutuel 
  • Fortis 
  • Hello Bank! 
  • ING Direct
  • LCL 
  • Société Générale 

The payees already added to this bank account are retrieved and any new ones can also be added.

Please note that when you add a bank, the synchronisation is not immediate and can take several minutes.

Adding a new payee account

This feature allows you to add payee accounts for bank transfers.

Adding a bank account

Before linking a bank account to your account, you must enter some details.

The accountholder wishing to make a one-off transfer or to set up a recurring payment should first save the new payee account's details. This information can be found on your RIB in France or your bank statement in other countries.

For more information, see: Adding your bank account.

Using your bank account

You must be registered as a payee to be able to transfer money to a bank account.

You can use your bank account once it has been added as a payee account. In-app, this is recognised as a small green tick.

If you have linked your bank account but it is not displayed, this means that the bank does not yet accept transfers made from a Lydia account.

Depending on your bank, further information or a verification procedure may be required: an SMS or a verification check within your banking app.

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