Trading with friends

Users of Lydia's trading service can now share the performance of their investment portfolio with the people of their choice (family, friends, colleagues...) and track the investments of their loved ones.

Why share the performance of your investments with your friends?

Getting into trading is a choice that can potentially raise questions and even a little stress. 

With trading with friends, the user facilitates his discovery of the stock markets and crypto-currencies by adding a social dimension. 

They can follow the investments of a friend who knows about the stock market or cryptos, share their latest performance in order to advise or educate their friends, or encourage their friends to start trading with them. 

Thanks to this new feature, the user can : 

  • know the distribution of the different investments of their friends and family
  • see the performance of their assets 
  • filter them by universe (stocks, crypto-currencies, ETFs or precious metals)

Trading with friends allows you to see the performance of the portfolio of the people you follow, but the amount invested is never displayed.

How to share the performance of your investments with your friends?

With trading with friends, the user shares his performance only with the people of his choice.

Thanks to a QR code or a link, the user can invite his friends to follow his portfolio. 

In the same way, he can only follow the investments of the people who invited him to do so. 

He just has to click on the tracking link he asked them beforehand or by scanning the QR code directly on the application, with his phone. 

At any time, the user can withdraw access to the people who follow his investment portfolio.

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