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Contactless card payments are not protected by any authentication system. But contactless mobile payments are and they couldn’t be safer.

Fingerprint, facial recognition or PIN code means your money is 100% safe.

Secure 💪

When you add a Lydia card to Google Pay from the Internet card screen of the Lydia app, you are already authenticated. You don’t need to enter the sixteen-digit card number and the security code in Google Pay. Lydia automatically adds your card to Google Pay.

A transaction on Google Pay is authenticated and secured by the phone holder's fingerprint, iris recognition or security code. Payment information is encrypted.

Confidential 😎

Your banking details are not stored on your device and not shared with Google, even at checkout.

Only an encrypted digital card ID, calculated from the Lydia card, is stored in Google Pay. Every time you pay, this digital identifier is transmitted instead of the Lydia card numbers.

For the ultimate experience, we display in Google Pay the data of the last transactions made with the Lydia card via Google Pay. By default you also receive a notification from Google Pay every time you pay.

You can disable the notifications and only let Lydia inform you about a payment.

More information about Google Pay

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